Immunization Toolkit


Immunization Schedules

Adult Immunization Schedule

Recommended Vaccination Indications for Adults Based on Health Conditions 

Childhood Immunization Schedule 

7 through 18 Years Old Schedule


Clinical Tools

Sample Immunization Protocol

Immunization Consent Form

Vaccine Information Sheets for all vaccines 

Best Practices for Pharmacist-Administered Immunization Services in Arkansas alt

Physician Notification of Pharmacist-Administered Immunization alt

OSHA Requirements

Frequently asked questions about the flu (coming soon)

Administering Vaccines to Adults: Dose, Route, Site, Needle Size, and Preparation 

Adult vaccines patient handout (English) 

Adult vaccines patient handout (Spanish) 

Auxiliary Label Template for "Ask me about my risk for shingles" alt

Auxiliary Label Template for "Ask the pharmacist about your risk for pneumonia"  alt

Summary of ages and vaccinations Arkansas pharmacists can provide  alt

Vaccine-Preventable Disease Posters alt

Arkansas Immunization Registry WebIZ


Third Party Tools

How to Bill Arkansas Medicaid for Immunizations (Pharmacies can only bill for vaccines given to patients over the age of 18 years and claims must be billed to the medical benefit NOT pharmacy)

Medicare Part D Billing

Medicare Immunization Billing Quick Reference

Insurance Coverage of Immunizations and Administration Fees Updated June 2015

2014 National Administration Allowances for Centralized Flu Billers


Storage of Vaccines

CDC guidelines for storage of vaccines

Checklist for storage

Storage Errors 

Temperature logs for refrigerator

Temperature logs for freezer

Power Outage Response Worksheet 


Vaccine Supply and Ordering Tips

Available Influenza Vaccine Formulations for 2015 - 2016 (coming soon)

Checklist of vaccination supplies

Supply issues from CDC

NDC Numbers for vaccines



Arkanas Immunization Action Coalition website (

Immunization Action Coalition's Clinical Resources

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