Membership Benefits

Top reasons to be a member of the Arkansas Pharmacists Association:

  1. APA’s 2,400 members help shape the future of pharmacy in Arkansas.  Your membership helps to determine the direction of the profession and protects your livelihood.  For almost 130 years, the Arkansas Pharmacists Association has looked after your interests at the State Capitol, with the State Board of Pharmacy, Arkansas Medicaid offices and others.
  2. No other organization looks after the best interests of pharmacists in Arkansas.  The APA represents and speaks for pharmacy before the state legislature and other government agencies.  APA lobbies against unfavorable laws and regulations and for the passage of laws or regulations that will enhance the profession.  In 2011, APA members helped to pass six state laws that favorably impact pharmacy and no new laws were enacted that pharmacists didn’t want. In 2013, four new laws were passed that benefited pharmacists and in 2015 three new laws were passed.
  3. APA staff offers pharmacy expertise.  When you call the APA about a problem, you can reach experienced pharmacists with expertise in pharmacy operations, the legislative and regulatory process in Arkansas, and you can get referrals to contacts with state and national agencies to help your business.
  4. APA offers up to 25 Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credit hours annually.  APA assists its members in obtaining all continuing education credits required by the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy. Whether it is at the Annual Convention, biennial CPE at the Races, District Meetings or elsewhere, APA members have access to excellent CPE opportunities to earn the required 30 credit hours in 24 months.
  5. Stay up-to-date on Arkansas pharmacy through APA’s regular communications.  APA keeps you abreast of the latest news and trends through the weekly the e-newsletter, APA InteRxActions. InteRxActions provides news on trends in pharmacy around the state: retail store design, statistics, and other information that will enhance the practice of pharmacy in Arkansas.
  6. Get information, update your record, contact colleagues on  APA’s website has links to the information you need to practice pharmacy in Arkansas.  On you can find background on legislative issues, register for CE, and update your personal information.
  7. Participate in networking events at the Annual Convention and Regional Meetings.  One of the best ways to continue learning the practice of pharmacy is by staying in touch with other pharmacists who experience similar challenges.  APA’s events allow you to meet with colleagues in similar practice settings at social events like receptions, dinners, and other outings.
  8. Sustain the profession through the Arkansas Pharmacy Foundation. The Arkansas Pharmacy Foundation was established to allow professional pharmacists to lead Arkansas pharmacy into the next century. The Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to qualified students attending the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Harding University Colleges of Pharmacy. The Foundation provides resources that directly enhance patient outcomes; conducts research or provides research grants in a collaborative effort with the Colleges of Pharmacy, creative and innovative practitioners, academicians and/or the pharmaceutical industry; and maintains and enhances high quality patient-focused practice.
  9. Encourage good government through Arkansas Pharmacists Political Action Committee.  The official political action committee of APA is AP-PAC. As a non-partisan political committee, AP-PAC provides an effective way for members to encourage good government by providing financial and political support to qualified candidates within Arkansas. During campaign season, AP-PAC researches each candidate to decide whether to support or oppose the potential lawmaker. AP-PAC financially supports those candidates that best represent the interest of pharmacy.  AP-PAC contributions are voluntary.

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