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Is your store offering flu vaccines?

Make sure you are registered with the Health Map Vaccine Finder.  Patients are directed to this website and instructed to fill in their zip code to find a vaccine provider in their community.    

Click here to see if you store is listed

Medicare Part D Administration Fee Billing

Reimbursement for administration of immunizations - Beginning on January 1, 2008, the Medicare Part D programs are required by CMS to cover vaccine administration costs associated with Part D vaccines. CMS interprets this statutory requirement to mean that the Part D vaccine administration costs are a component of the negotiated price for a Part D-covered vaccine. In other words, the negotiated price for a Part D vaccine will be comprised of the vaccine ingredient cost, a dispensing fee (if applicable), and a vaccine administration fee. In general, CMS believes that Part D vaccines, including the associated administration costs, should be billed on one claim.  Most pharmacy filling software is capable of billing these fees in one claim with the immunization by populating the appropriate NCPDP fields.  For more information on third party coverage and how to bill administration fees click here

Have you let your authority to administer expire?

If so, it is easy to reactivate it.

  • First, complete 2 hours of Continuing Education regarding immunizations and provide proof of completion to the state board of pharmacy.
  • Second, complete a CPR renewal class with a live component

Apply for an Arkansas Authority to Administer here.

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