AAHP Fall Seminar Slides
AAHP 52nd Annual Fall Seminar Presentation Slides
*Denotes Concurrent Sessions and + Denotes NO CPE credit awarded
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Thursday, October 11th
7:30 am             Registration and Breakfast
8:00 am             Welcome Address - David Fortner, PharmD, BCPS - AAHP President
8:10 am           
  Keynote Address- The Good Fight; Provider Status, Drug Shortage, and Drug Pricing- Jillanne Schulte, J.D. Slide Set
9:10 am             Clinician Well-Being and Resilience - Lanita White, PharmD Slide Set
9:30 am            + Harding University College of Pharmacy Technician Certification Training
9:30 am             Reverse Expo (must RSVP for this event)
10:10 am            Break
10:30 am            * Experiential Updates from UAMS and How to Create Moments for Student Pharmacists on Rotation - Lindsey Dayer, PharmD, BCACP Slide Set
10:30 am            * Don’t Call Me Crazy - T.J. Tyndall, Pharm.D. Slide Set
11:30 am             Lunch/Exhibitors Showcase 
1:30 pm              * Building on Your AMS Foundation...Allergies, Micro, and Antibiograms  Marsha Crader, PharmD; Barry Napier, PharmD; Katie Lusardi, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID
1:30 pm              * Clinical Pearls - Emily Wagner, PharmD; Andrew Gibbs, PharmD; Megan Penner, PharmD; Brianna Rhodes, PharmD Slide Set Handouts
3:00 pm               Break
3:20 pm               USP 800- Avoiding the Hazards of Non-Compliance - Dustin Ezell, PharmD, BCPS Slide Set
4:30 pm              + Poster Session
5:00 pm               Reception / Networking Social

Friday, October 12th

7:00 am               Registration and Breakfast
7:00 am               Networking Session / Roundtable Discussions
8:00 am               Welcome Address - David Fortner, PharmD, BCPS - AAHP President
8:10 am              * Practices and Principles of Leadership - Joshua Bright, PharmD; Drew Jensen, PharmD Slide Set
8:10 am              * Top 10 Infectious Disease Articles - Sarah Cochran, PharmD Slide Set
8:15 am               Residency Showcase
9:10 am               * Clostridium Difficile - Dan Young, MD Slide Set
9:10 am               * 340B: Overview of the Program and Legislative Update - Lelan Stice, PD, MBA Slide Set
10:10 am             Break
10:30 am            * Personal Finance 101 - Brandon Johnson Slide Set  Handout
10:30 am            * The Opioid Safety Initiative in the Veterans Administration - Candy Still, Pharm.D., BCPS Slide Set
11:30 am             Awards Banquet & Luncheon
1:00 pm              * Three Steps to Interpreting Clinical Trials - Mark Granberry, PharmD Slide Set 
1:00 pm              * Oh The Places You’ll Go - Transitions of Care - Rachel Stephens, PharmD; Kristen Glover Belew, PharmD Slide Set
2:00 pm              Break
2:30 pm              New Drug Update 2018 - Rachel McCaleb, PharmD, BCPS Slide Set
2:30 pm              Student - Jeopardy
4:00 pm              Closing Remarks